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Standard Business Card

Business cards are probably the most crucial and usually the cheapest promotional tool for a business. A well-designed business card can be very effective in promoting your company. Nevertheless, many company owners are somewhat taken aback from the price tag of hiring a pro designer and select to go for cheaper alternatives instead. Designing a neat and professional looking business card is in fact not really difficult. With a little guidance and cautious planning, company owners that choose to go for the do-it-yourself designs are able to come out with a card which will make excellent impressions among prospects clients.

Below are some of the business card design mistakes businesses make;

Cheap and low-quality images: The use of inexpensive looking clip art and low-quality images are not graphically appealing. Do not use any of these lousy images or clip art found online. Although they are easily accessible, think of your business’ reputation. What’s much more important is your company logo, name, address and contact details. If there is a need to use images, get a pro graphic designer to do it for you.

Inadequate colour combination: A splash of colours is good, but make sure to choose the right colour scheme. If you are into a nursery or creche business, a mix of warm and friendly colours are visually appealing but remember not to overdo it. You definitely don’t want to influence the readability of the card by making excessive use of different colours. Less is more in this case.

Capital letters and big typeface: The use of all capital letters and large fonts especially on the name, address and contact information are a no-no. Use smaller fonts instead of integrating the rest of the attributes on the card. Capital letters and large fonts frequently look inexpensive and cheesy. Your business card is your business on the move. You should make the effort to leave a great impression.

Use of an image of yourself: You are not a real estate or insurance agent, please do not do it. What’s the point of having your face in the card anyway? Remember, it is the business you are advertising – its contact details, services etc. And unless you are in the real estate business, you should stay away from this.

Printing on low-quality paper: Always use top quality stock papers to print your card. Send it to the local print shop to do the print job for you. Don’t skimp on money when printing your company business card. The use of inexpensive paper of high quality will more than likely implies that a business offers low-quality products or services.

The right card measurement: Make sure the right card measurement is chosen. Depending on your type of business, you may want to decide which card measurement you want to use in the final print, or what edge style, sharp or curved. You can either go for the 90mm by 50mm size (including a 3mm bleed all around) or the 85mm by 55mm size (including the 3mm bleed all around). The ‘bleed’ allows for a neat and professional cutting space.

For more on designing a professional business card, follow this link.

Image Source: Pixabay


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